Women, Three

This was inspired during my graduate school years by seeing the demographics of the bus stops along Woodward Avenue in suburban Detroit. The racial divide between inner and outer city was stark then and in the predominately white suburbs, the bus stops had predominately African-American women waiting on the bus on this busy avenue where everyone whizzed by at 55 miles per hour. Presumably coming from working at jobs cleaning suburban homes and then heading back afterwards into the city. Sojourner Truth inspired the woman in the foreground—she, like me, was a New Yorker who traveled west to Michigan—she bought a home in the 1860’s in Battle Creek, Michigan. Rosa Parks was a Detroit resident who moved south and sparked a revolution by choosing to sit towards the front of a bus and I used her image for one of the conversing women. The other is based on a photograph in “The Americans” by Robert Frank of an African American nurse holding a young, white baby in a hospital. Three strong women.

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