Tray Sophistique

This piece was made for In: Fusion, a North American-Korean Crossroad Exhibition. Twelve artists who had gone to Cranbrook for grad school were invited by classmate Carole Kim to each make an edition of thirty for a shared travelling portfolio. The content should reflect the transition of Korea from a largely rural nation to a highly urbanized and industrial nation in 3 short decades up till 1992. All the artists had been in the MFA printmaking or painting programs but some chose to make 30 exact sculptures.

Each artist would get a set of the works inside a vintage suitcase with decals representing the “golden age of travel”. This screen print represents what items I would like have at the ready to pull out of said suitcase if I were travel on an luxury ocean liner during that era. And to reflecting the content shift in Korea and the crossroad nature of the two cultures—I depict two types of trays—silver sitting on lacquer- to represent east and west. Printed to then be installed via “fold here” tabs.

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