Biscuit, Temptation and Biscuit / Temptation were made from two blocks I created when we had our first “open house/open studio” at the Atelier Daumier, cooperative print workshop in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The sun was casting an intriguing shadow and I had it traced onto two mahogany veneer woodblocks pre-prepped with black sumi ink—first the image of me holding aloft the “Biscuit”—french for cookie, in this case a Lorne Doone tea social- and then leaning to succumb to eating the biscuit—Temptation. I left the blocks out during the open house and encouraged visitors to carve outside the silhouette on Biscuit and inside the traced line on Temptation. I carve the silhouette before they began and a few of the lines of the final images and the words into the wood but most lines were done by the enthusiastic visitors over the two day period. I always planned to print them separately as Biscuit and Temptation and to super-impose one over the other to create Biscuit / Temptation and have enjoyed how the center image of the triptych has delightful sections that could only exist because of the overlapped printing.

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