Sacrifice / Paper Cast

Chine collé print about going with brother and his family to the aquarium in coney island and then to a Ukrainian restaurant in Brighton Beach under the El tracks. Big tables butting up to wall to wall mirrors and groups of men sitting with unopened liquor bottles awaiting the Saturday evening to come. So hungry from the fish museum with its distorted views. Our young 5 month old child placed in car seat on the table and the owner wants to hold her but then starts pitching her up in the air. The frenetic parents look for help from potential sacrifice as the meal arrives—waiter delivering shish kabab skewered on a real sword.

Papercast of the same image—bas-relief, teabag paper etching and cotton-rag pulp backing printed via a plaster mold.

New York Suite, Intaglio prints on cotton rag paper, 24” x 18”.

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