5 Mississippi, 6 Mississippi / Color Collagraph

We used to play 3 against 3 touch-football in the parking lot of the East Harlem Projects in we lived in and which was located on the same large double block. Our game determined 5 parking spaces counted for a first down and you could slip between the parked cars for shedding a defender as long as the thrown ball didn’t skim a hood or a ragtop enroute to your outstretched hands. David always wore 57 jersey, though we had no pads, and loved being quarterback. Curved the space, used tracking perspective and enlarged the players to relay our focus as we played after school each fall afternoon till the dinner bell. The elementary school where I attended 1-2 grade is shown bottom center, next to childhood playground, and, in the upper right corner, our sandlot baseball field that occupied all our summer mornings. Color version uses a colograph plate to warm up the black and white version, printed first underneath the master block drop.

New York Suite, Intaglio prints on cotton rag paper, 24” x 18”.

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